Gift Guide: Pro dokonalé hostitele

Gift Guide: For the Perfect Host

Every event at their homes is unforgettable, be it a family reunion, a brunch with friends or a one-on-one conversation with wine. We are always so excited to visit their places, mostly because of them, but also because of the way their homes feel. Welcoming and stylish.

We picked the perfect gifts for our perfect beloved hosts in this gift guide focusing on dining accessories that will make every table top special.

Flow Tablecloth

Tablecloth in muted grey tones, hand-woven on a traditional loom with love and care. Its minimalist design lets the texture and the natural cotton shine. Unassuming, yet special thanks to the small hand-knotted tassels on all sides. Perfect for larger tables for larger parties! Shop HERE.

Flow Table runner

In love with the elegant stiped Flow pattern but do not feel like covering your whole table with a large table cloth? Then go for this small Flow table runner. We arrange it in the middle of a table underneath small bowls with small bites, under a vase or instead of a placemat. Shop HERE.

Cosecha Table runner

Natural cotton with a geometric pattern in earthy tones, Cosecha runner is a truly universal piece. It works well in modern interior full of natural wood as well in stylish vintage chalets. Shop HERE.

Cotzal Navy Table runner

The right accessory for every lover of bold patterns, a true masterpiece. Hand-woven by Guatemalan indigenous weavers who believe every ornament has a special meaning. Protection of the family or wealth? That’s what the weavers wish you with this table runner. Shop HERE.

Pure Table runner

Decorative table runner in soft dark blue tones with hand knotted tassels, hand-woven on a traditional loom with love and care. Style it lengthwise down the center of your dining table, with its 2,5 m of length this is the right accessory just for that! Shop HERE.


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