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Indigo Throw

Indigo Throw

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The Indigo Throw is a genuine tribute to traditional crafts. Out of all our pieces, the production of the Indigo throw is probably the most demanding as every step in the process is taken within one group of artisans.  

The cotton is grown by the weavers themselves or their neighbors within their community. The threads are hand-spun using a hand spindle and later dyed by natural indigo pigments.

The throw is made of both raw undyed cotton and the indigo-dyed threads. It is hand-woven on the traditional backstrap loom. The three panels are stitched together into the final product. Lastly, the weavers hand- knot the tassels.

The way the Indigo throw is made today is probably identical to the way it would have been made centuries ago.

The product is handmade, slight variations in size, color or pattern may occur and are celebrated.



100 % cotton, naturally dyed


115x170 cm


Ideally wash by hand, for machine washing wash in cold water on delicate wash cycle.

Line-dry or lay flat.


Handwoven on a traditional backstrap loom on the shores of lake Atitlán in Guatemala by female Tz’utujil weavers.
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In your Casa

Indigo Throw looks great with accessories in similar shades of light grey or blue in combination with vintage furniture.